Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Slayers give-away

I thought I'd give my blog followers a heads up. You can enter the Goodreads giveaway for Slayers at:

Then go to the fantasy link on the righthand side. Right now it's on the second page.

I'll be starting my book-a-day give-away on Sept 17th (Or 18th if I forget, you know how I am . . .)

And here's a couple of reviews:

"Bold, imaginative, and very, very exciting! This is the best new Dragon mythology I've read in ages. Awesomely good stuff."

- James A. Owen, author and illustrator of HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS

"enjoyably campy"--Kirkus

I have to laugh at the Kirkus review because the book is set at a summer camp. I wonder if they intended the pun. Probably not. Kirkus isn't known for their sense of humor.

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Susan G. Haws said...

I am excited to read your book. I tried to follow your blog here but it would not let me.