Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Proof that Authors are Crazy

Authors are clearly crazy. Think about it. We make up a bunch of people and then write long drawn out conversations between them. Sometimes we have them kill each other and we cry over their demise. Craziness, pure and simple.

Authors also do things like spend months working on a project in the hope that some day, someone will want to pay them for it. Would truck drivers do this? Would plumbers? I think not.

But in case you needed more proof, take the case of Ray Dolin, who was working on a book called Kindness in America. He faked a drive by shooting in order to promote the book. Um, yeah, I'm willing to do a lot of things to promote my books, but shooting myself is not one of them. I have--in the spirit of promotion--offered to shoot my editor. I mean, I bet that would make people remember the book. But alas, thus far none of my editors has been willing to take one for the team, so to speak.

The sad thing about all of this is that even though Ray Dolin's hoax was discovered, his book has gotten an awful lot of publicity over the event. And what works for one author, other authors are sure to implement. I'm afraid this will lead to a rash of author shootings. ALA may turn into the equivalent of the old west. (Make sure you keep your distance from James Dashner and Robison Wells for a while. Both of them frequently have that crazed look in their eyes . . .)

Although I'm determined to stay out of the line of fire, I'm trying to think of ways to take my promotion to the next level. My next book is a time travel dystopia. So I've decided to time travel to promote the book. Anyone who knows how to get hold of Dr. Who's phone booth, let me know.


Donna McNeil Gonzales said...

Well done. You forgot to mention how the characters sometimes tell us what they will and won't do.

CJ Hill said...

So true--but when you tell non writers that, they really do think we're crazy. But it happens.

The Blessings of Family Life said...

What a great post!!! Love it. So now I know what is wrong with me!!!

An idea for your promotion on your next book from a friend of mine who listed 10 funny things to do:
Run into a store and ask the cashier what year it is!!! When they say--then yell: "It worked" and run out of the store....that would get some attention.

Unknown said...

This is -quite possibly- the funniest blog ever! Your posts are hilarious. That graduation post had me laughing so hard, as did the little video on the importance of journaling! I haven't read Slayers yet, but I love those books by Janette Rallison - whom I'm sure you might know :) Thanks for your great work! I'm glad you're willing to slog away so many hours writing - hoping that the public will appreciate it. I certainly do :)