Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Which cover photo do you like best?

I have a romance novella that I'll be putting up on Amazon soon. Possible title: Long Time (and at one point illegal) Crush I need a cover. So I've been looking at pictures of hot guys on Shutterstock (It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.) and now I want your opinion.
Kye, the hero, is a guy who's family owns a large ranch in Montana. When his father had an injury, Kye changed his plans from being an engineer to being a high school math teacher so he can help out on the ranch.
We see him in a cowboy hat, in his school teacher duds, and in a tuxedo as best man at the heroine's brother's wedding. You would think it would be easy to find pictures of a hot guy in a cowboy hat--and it is--except that none of the pictures seemed appropriate for one of my stories. According to Shutterstock, cowboys wear very little clothing. Apparently something in their job requires them to walk around shirtless, with glistening abbs. (I sooo should have been a cowgirl.)
Let me know which picture you think would make readers look twice. (Oh, and by the way, the guy is age 24 and then 27 in the story.)


Emily M said...

I'm leaning toward 1, or maybe 3.....can't wait to read it!

Unknown said...

Definitely number four.

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Unknown said...

I kind of wish you had one with a cowboy hat because I think that would really catch my attention but yeah I know what you mean about the no shirt thing. I like #3 if your guy is dark hair and dark eyes. #4 if your guy is lighter hair and blue eyes. #4 is a little more geeky and would fit more as math teacher.

Unknown said...

Oh I just saw your new addition with the cowboy hat. I like that one a lot. It is true he looks a lot like Paul Newman but who doesn't like Paul.

Janette Rallison said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Botterfly Girl said...

1 looks like a business man, 2 looks like a groom (which might be giving away too much. I don't know, haven't read it YET). Number three is personally my favorite because he looks the most ranchiest while still looking normal. Number 4 looks like a hipster in my opinion with the scarf. Nothing against hipsters at all, it just that it doesn't seem to fit your description.

KenzieB said...

Three probably fits your description best, but I like number four as well.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 looks like a math teacher. Maybe you could digitally add a cowboy hat to it. hehehe all good options. Not to be a brown noser but if your name is on the cover I'll read it no matter what the picture looks like. You're great!

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