Monday, January 21, 2013

YAllapalooza and writers conference this Saturday

This Saturday I'll be involved in two fun writing gigs. The first will be a YA writers conference at Dobson High School. Don't click on the banner. It won't take you anywhere. I just stole it from Changing Hand's website because I love how serious and slightly dangerous some of the YA writers look. That's how you can tell who the cool writers are.

Ten authors of young adult fiction, including several New York Times bestsellers, share strategies, tips, and tricks for writing engaging work for tween and teen readers. You can choose three of four informative sessions to fill your three-session schedule, including "Unforgettable Characters," "Heroes vs. Villains," "Writing Realistic Dialogue," and "Essentials of SciFi/Fantasy."

If you want more info on the conference (I believe it's 85.00 for the day) here's a link:

Then there will be Yallapalooza at Changing Hands. If you've never been before, it's free and it's fun--sorta like a game show in which you get to work with groups of authors. Plus there is pizza. Here's the details:

At 4pm Saturday, January 26 Changing Hands Bookstore presents YAllapalooza 2013, a literary extravaganza for tween and teen readers. Here's your chance to mix and mingle with your favorite YA authors, get signed books, enjoy pizza, and more!

Attending Authors: Tom Leveen, Cecil Castelluci, Amy Fellner Dominy, Shannon Messenger, Suzanne Lazear, Janni Lee Simner, Kevin Emerson, Erin Jade Lange, Lisa McMann, Suzanne Young, James A. Owen, C.J. Hill (aka Janette Rallison), Laura Ellen, and Lisa Schroeder.

Come be on my team! I always bomb when it comes to the first line in a book game so I need your help. For more info on that, you can go to:


Melinda said...

Aaugh! Seriously tempted to move to Arizona so I can attend all these fun conferences and workshops you do. It sounds like a great time!

CJ Hill said...

They are fun, even though I look like a slacker author when I can't identify the first lines from books I've read. Hey, I generally can't remember the first lines of books I've written,so yeah, what are my chances of remembering someone else's?

Melinda said...

I'm sure you were great! How did it go?

CJ Hill said...

Good! Maybe I'll blog about it.