Tuesday, May 28, 2013

These work for writers too

I was up all night working on the prequel novella for Slayers. The good news is that when it comes out, it will be free! The bad news is that I already killed off Nathan, Dr. B's brother, in the first book of Slayers and sadly there was not a good way to bring him back from the dead. Dang it.

So, as I stopped making any cognizant sense somewhere around 4:00 am, I thought I would share a picture from my son's comic blog. You can see other things he's drawn at

I'll be posting a real blog after I sleep.


Elf said...

A prequel sotry for Slayers?! **SQUEEL** :D YAY! I never read ebooks, though...Will it be available in print...? PLEASE! :)
(If not, I will have to make an exception...)

CJ Hill said...

As far as I know, it will only be an ebook. I think it's only going to end up being about 55 pages or so pages--unless my publisher wants all sorts of additions.

I do hope that a lot of people read it though, as it will give deeper understanding to Dr. B's relationships with people in the third book.

Elf said...

:/ Oh...
Well, I guess I will have to start reading ebooks, then....haha