Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Slayers: Friends and Traitors ARC giveaway

I just got an ARC for Slayers: Friends and Traitors. I am very excited about this fact, even if it does mean that I have to learn how to spell traitors. (I keep trying to spell it with an er instead of the or. What is up with that anyway? We've got dancer, fighter, officer, and three thousand other job descriptions that end in er, but traitor is spelled with an o. Whoever created English spelling should be smacked.)

Anyway, because I know so many of you are anxious to read the next Slayers installment, I'm doing a give-away.  I need to add a disclaimer though. An ARC (advance reading copy) isn't the finished book. It's made of the galleys which is the copy before the last changes. Usually there are a few mistakes and typos in the ARCs. In this ARC there are a lot. I have a character crimple to the ground. Instead of going somewhere, at one point someone is soing somewhere. And it looks like I pretty much sprinkled commas randomly through the manuscript. Stuff like that. So keep in mind that the final copy (knock on wood) will be much cleaner.

I'm doing things a bit different for this give-away. Usually I choose someone from the comments. I just started tweeting as CJ Hill though, and I need followers so my publisher doesn't think I'm friendless. So at the end of the week, I'm going to choose one of my CJ Hill followers and I'll send them the ARC.

To find me on twitter, look for authorCJHill

Good luck!


gaylene said...

I can't wait to know what happens next. Heading straight over to twitter now :)

Melinda said...

Not on Twitter and don't really want to be on Twitter, but for an ARC of the new Slayers, it's tempting... :)

CJ Hill said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't spend a lot of time tweeting or reading other people's tweets. Although it does come in handy to announce things.

Elf said...

NOOO! I missed it! How did I miss it?!?!?!
*sigh* time, I shall be ready...

By the way, you should make a Facebook page for Slayers, if you haven't already...I can't find one, and I want to show that I love your book... :)